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Cynthia Chin-Lee is an award winning children's book author, accomplished speaker and workshop leader. Her easy rapport and ability to add humor to her presentations makes her a compelling speaker for all ages.

Author of Operation Marriage, a picture book about the difficulties two children encounter because both of their parents are women, Cynthia is an advocate for civil rights and anti-discriminatory legislation. With the help of the Reach and Teach Organization, she is changing the world one story at a time.

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Skype with Cynthia

In addition to talks, book signings, and presentations, Cynthia is available (as schedule permits) for 30 minute Skype sessions with students who have read at least one of her books.

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Learn more about the books

In addition to Operation Marriage, Cynthia wrote several other childrens books that broaden the minds and imaginations of readers from all ages and backgrounds. Check out more of her delightful reads!

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