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Almond Cookies & Dragon Well Tea

It's Who You Know
A is for Asia

"Nancy whispered to Erica, "That means, 'How are you?'" So Erica answered him, "Ni Hao." Erica and Nancy giggled. "Now you're learning Chinese!" said Nancy."


Available through the author. - Hardcover

This delightful and heart warming story celebrates diversity in modern America through the lens of friendship.


Erica, a European American girl who visits the home of Nancy, her Chinese American friend gets a glimpse of Nancy's cultural heritage. In introducing Erica to her family's culture, Nancy discovers that she needn't feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.


Together, the two girls learn that the more they share, the more each of them has.


Gorgeous watercolor  paintings from You Shan Tang illustrate the book.


Limited numbers of this hardcover book are available directly by contacting Cynthia Chin-Lee

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