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Amelia to Zora

Women and the Right to Vote

"F is for Frida, painter and folklorist. Frida Kahlo, Mexico's most famous artist was a free-spirited and naughty child."


Also available in French! - Disponible

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From adventurer Amelia Earhart to computer pioneer Grace Hopper to novelist Zora Neale Hurston. Discover women who have made a difference in people's lives in the fields of science, arts, sports, technology, politics and more.

Filled with childhood anecdotes, tales of hardship, and success stories, this best-selling book will inspire and encourage you to change your own world for the better.


Cynthia Chin-Lee's moving biographies show by example that everyone has the potential to become extraordinary.


Megan Halsey and Sean Addy created intricate collages that draw from these women's life events.


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