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From adventurer Amelia Earhart to computer pioneer Grace Hopper to novelist Zora Neale Hurston, discover women who have made a difference in people's lives in the fields of science, arts, sports, technology, politics and more. 


Based on a true story, the book teaches compassion and reveals the real implications of marriage inequality for one family when the children face discrimination and encourage their mother's to get married.


From experimental filmmaker Akira Kurosawa to South African president Nelson Mandela to music educator Zoltan Kodaly, learn about men whose vision overcame obstacles to make the world a better place. 

Published in the 90’s before the media boom of social networking, It’s Who You Know shows the best ways to connect ourselves. As we are each other’s best resource, Cynthia Chin-Lee shows how to utilize contacts without become a ‘networking barracuda’. This how-to guide on expanding one’s personal network in both the digital and physical world has timeless reliable tips and recommendations.

1991 Avant Books   


This delightful and heart warming story celebrates diversity in modern America through the lens of one girls friendship. 

1993 Polychrome Publishing

This fact-filled, fun alphabet book introduces readers to the events, foods, animals, crafts, and traditions of Asia.

1997  Orchard Books


With provocative fun facts that are intended to send the reader exploring, A is for the Americas highlights the cultural and geographic diversity of North, Central and South America. 

1999  Orchard Books