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O Methionine

Empty methoininase container
Empty methioninase container is a new ornament for Christmas tree

For fun, I rewrote the words to the traditional Christmas song, O Tannebaum or O Christmas Tree. For those who may not know, methionine is the key to fighting cancer. It's a common essential amino acid that feeds cancer cells and used in several chemical pathways in metabolism (converting food to energy). "Essential" means we humans must have this amino acid from an external source (food!). But we can minimize the amount that we eat, having enough methionine for our healthy, normal cells, but not enough to feed cancer cells.

O Methionine

(Sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree, Tannenbaum)

Methionine, Methionine

You feed our cancer, don’t you?

Methionine, Methionine

You feed our cancer, don’t you?

Found in seafood and in meat

Eggs and dairy we won’t eat

Methionine, Methionine

You feed our cancer, don’t you?

Hear this beautiful song in the original German words by the incomparable Nat King Cole.

"Amino acids" are the building blocks of proteins and most of us know, we need some protein for healthy cells. Yet you might be aware that many of the people in the developed world eat excess protein. We get this excess protein (and excess methionine) in meat (chicken, beef, pork), seafood (fish, shrimp, crab), dairy (milk, cheese) and eggs.

If you want to live the healthiest, longest life or you want to manage cancer (which I need to do), you'll want to reduce your methionine. How do you say it?

  • Meh (as in not good, nor bad)

  • thigh (as in the upper part of your leg)

  • o (as in oh!)

  • neen (rhymes with "keen")

Why did I become a whole food plant-based eater? To reduce my methionine! It's also great for the planet...For more details, on how to reduce your methionine, see

What is methioninase?

Methioninase is a supplement (an enzyme) that reduces methionine. The photo shows an empty methioninase container which I'm hanging as an ornament on my Christmas tree. I take two vials daily, 30 minutes after lunch and 30 minutes after dinner. To learn more about methioninase, see

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