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The best Christmas present

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Christmas tree 2021 in Half Moon Bay
The best Christmas present isn't under the tree

Most of my family and friends know that I got diagnosed with early stage breast cancer at the end of March 2021. Because I’ve had friends who have been able to heal naturally from serious illnesses, one from breast cancer and another from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), I decided to research my options carefully. To treat my cancer, I’ve used a combination of

  • Allopathic (Western) conventional medicine–taking the hormone blocker Letrozole

  • Holistic treatments–singing, chanting, Reiki, acupuncture, grounding (walking on the beach barefoot), medicinal mushrooms, yoga, tai chi, meditation

  • Next-generation treatment–changing to a low-protein vegan diet to restrict my intake of methionine and taking supplements that put oxidative stress on my cancer

In early December, I got the best Christmas present: a PET scan that showed no signs of detectable cancer! My later ultrasound shows the tumor is present but slightly smaller so I now need to work on getting the tumor to shrink more. Cancer makes up 10 to 20% of a tumor; the rest of the tumor is a mix of blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, immune cells, fibroblasts and dead cells.

Thanks to God for my healing. And thank you to those of you who prayed and supported me and especially to those who sent healing energy. It’s all working…

Vanessa visited the SF Bay area in September and is now doing a sustainable farm internship at Hale Akua in Maui. She's also started her own life coaching business with free initial sessions at

Vanessa and me
Vanessa finally gets to Half Moon Bay (Surfers' beach)

Cynthia, Vanessa
We had fun visiting Mountain View Cohousing Community for a week.

Joshua completed his freshman year of college at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA and is now taking a gap year to work on a video game he created, which will cause "many repeated and painful deaths." Sounds like fun, huh? He’ll be offering the game some time in 2022 on Steam. If you like video games and want to try the Beta version, you can contact me.

Peter, Joshua, and I took a week’s vacation to Bass Lake near Yosemite in October. We try to be very careful because of Covid. We've been vaccinated and always mask if we go out in public.

Josh, me, and Peter by the lake
Bass Lake is gorgeous; photo by Peter Ching.

Sometimes we'll do small field trips around the Bay area like this one to Hakone Gardens in Saratoga.

Josh and Cyndi take a break on a hot day
Resting in a bamboo forest; photo by Peter Ching.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and health now and in 2022.

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